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Welcome to Healing Matters Counseling

Transitions and events are a natural part of our lifetime process and can vary from exciting, yet unnerving, to discomforting, to extremely painful and devastating.

Such transitions and events may include:

  • starting or ending a relationship or marriage
  • becoming a parent or managing the ongoing challenges of parenting
  • starting or losing a job
  • enduring the physical or emotional illness or addiction of a child or loved one
  • losing a loved one

Often we naturally feel sadness or worry during these times and if not addressed these can begin to affect our daily lives as a mood, anxiety or adjustment disorder.

Healing throughout and after these natural life events is essential to our continuing on to live a happy and prosperous life; healing matters.

“One┬ácan never change the past, only the hold it has on you.”

- Merle Shain


Because healing matters…
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